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Everyone deserves a great night of sleep.

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That’s why we created goodnight, a snack food, not a supplement, that helps you relax and prepare the body for sleep.
Ingredients supported by science
Ingredients supported by science
Deliciously dreamy bedtime snack
Deliciously dreamy bedtime snack
Helps prepare the body for sleep
Helps prepare the body for sleep

A Snack For Bedtime

Our delicious before-bed bites are made to help you relax and support a restful night’s sleep.

Rest Assured

Your sleep patterns are regulated by a complex system of hormones that fluctuate depending on factors like visible light levels, stress levels, and even diet and exercise.

Our bites are designed to help influence these natural metabolic processes with three key ingredients.
shadow-1 L-THEANINE
Helps contribute to a restful mood and supports relaxation.
What it is: An amino acid that promotes a state of relaxation.

How it works: Helps generate alpha waves, which are the relaxation brain waves and helps decrease the beta waves, which are the waves that arouse the brain.
shadow-2 MAGNESIUM
Helps promote a restful state, and maintain a healthy nervous system
What it is: A mineral found in a range of foods from leafy greens, to nuts & seeds, to cacao, and even fish.

How it works: Increases the neurotransmitter GABA which helps to decrease brain activity and promote relaxation.
Helps with protein balance.
What it is: Protein most commonly found in milk and dairy.

How it works: Helps stimulate protein balance due to its slow digestion rate and sustained supply of amino acids to the body.

How Sleep Works

Explore the different components of your sleep cycle below
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Find Good-night

Goodnight is a startup, and we’re learning as we go. Thanks to feedback from you, our Goodnight family, we’re hard at work making Goodnight even better than before. We’ll have a new, improved version available in early fall.

Drop us a line at if you would like to be alerted when it’s available again.

Product Goodnigh Dark Chocolate Tart Cherry
Product Goodnigh Milk Chocolate Tart Cherry

Our Mission

Our mission is to make foods that can help us rest easier.

At Goodnight, we understand the critical connection between getting good rest and living each day to its fullest. In a world that is ever-more connected, hectic and stressful, we believe that simple, non-pharmaceutical methods are the best way to get ourselves back to resting right.

Goodnight is a sleep company founded on the idea that the right food can be the most natural way to get sleep and restore ourselves for a better day. Goodnight is part of Foundry Foods, an innovation incubator backed by Nestlé USA designed to support small, emerging brands.